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The Simputer launch - update

The Simputer Launch took place as announced on April 25th. the auditorium was packed to capacity and much to the surprise of everyone, especially the Simputer team, all the demos worked!

The list and description of demos shown at the launch and a list of demos that could not be shown.

The presentations at the launch (PPT and JPG). Here are a few high resolution photographs of the Simputer: market prices demo, Kannada Tutor demo and a picture showing the Connectors on the Simputer. Observant viewers will notice that the connector sitting inside the USB opening is not really a USB connector. Since the USB was not ready for demo, we used the space to connect a standard serial port for us to get the Simputer console on to a PC. Sorry, the photographs don't show the scale of the Simputer with reference to some everyday object. We don't claim to be professional photographers ;-)

The next date to watch out for is May 7th, 2001, when all available material on the Simputer will be downloadable (under SGPL and GPL).

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