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IML 2.0 Examples

Here are a few IML examples to get you started.

Getting Started

For all you programmers, here is a "Hello, World" IML code to get you started. Shows you how to make simple boxes and display text content in them. hello.iml
IML gives you a rich text widget. This example shows you the formatting possibilities with text. formatting.iml
In addition to text, IML provides ways of drawing and displaying graphic content. This exmaple shows you how to draw various shapes and use external images. images.iml
With graphical content, it is necessary to precisely position the content. Using "coords" and "relcoords" provide convineant ways to do so. relcoords.iml
Both text and graphical content can be spoken out using the browser's text-to-speech capabilities. This example shows you how. audio.iml
Boxes and tables are used to display content on the browser. tables.iml
The "alphanum" widget is just one of many data input methods that IML provides. alpha.iml

Responding to User Input

The interaction of the user with the browser can be observed and responded to by defining "events" and their corresponding "updates" and "sets".evtest.iml
IML provides various input methods for data entry and ways of controlling the navigation of the content on the basis of user-input. inputs.iml

Dynamic Content Using Backend Scripts

The next examples show you how to write backend scripts to generate IML content. (a perl script)
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