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Simputer Hardware Specifications

Descriptions of Simputer Hardware Specifications:

  • The schematics, pdf and ORCAD(.dsn) files for the complete schematics of the Simputer
  • Bill of materials in .xls and .pdf formats
  • The layout and pcb details in PADS2000 format

The hardware specs of the Simputer are governed by the Simputer General Public License (SGPL). Since this is a new licensing model, untested by anyone earlier, we are making these resources through a click-wrap agreement. You need to register for downloading the hardware details.

Please note that after registration, you will receive a password by email. You can download the specs using this password. Please be patient and wait at least 72 hours for this mail to reach you. The automated response will be enabled after gauging if the current server can take the load.

People involved:

Mark Mathias (
Nagendra Kumar (
Raveendranath K R (
Sasidharan C (
Sukhranjan Das (
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