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The Simputer Softmodem

The modem for the Simputer has been written in software and currently works at 2400 bps without error correction. The code currently is capable of uploading a file from the Simputer to the remote host and has been implemented in user level.

The softmodem distribution includes the following files:

  1. A user level V22 softmodem (2400 bps)
  2. A driver for the telecom codec (ucb1300)
  3. Userland utilities for controlling the telecom codec like going off/on hook, changing sampling rates, buffer sizes etc.

People involved:

Ajit Anvekar (
Ramu (

Update: The soft modem is owned by Encore Software Ltd., and the files have not been provided by them, to us for hosting here. Please contact Shashank Garg for more information.

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