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DHVANI: The Simputer Text-to-Speech Software

DHVANI is the Text-to-Speech effort of the Simputer Trust. The aim of this effort is to ensure that literacy and knowledge of English are not essential for using the Simputer. Using images in conjunction with voice output in local languages makes the Simputer accessible to a larger fraction of the Indian population.

Currently, Dhvani has a Phonetics-to-Speech engine which is capable of generating intelligible speech from a suitable phonetic description in any Indian Language .  In addition,  it is capable of  converting UTF-8  text in Hindi or Kannada to  this phonetic description, and then speaking it out using the Phonetics-to-Speech engine.

People involved:

Ramesh Hariharan, Coordinator (
Ravi Masalthi (
Rileen Sinha (

For further information, contact Ramesh Hariharan (

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