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This page lists all software downloadables from the Simputer project. All of the software is under the GNU GPL. The hardware specs of the Simputer are governed by the Simputer General Public License (SGPL). Since this is a new licensing model, untested by anyone earlier, we are making these resources through a click-wrap agreement. You need to register for downloading the hardware details. Details of what is made available is given in the hardware specs download page.

If you are interested in contributing to Simputer Projects, please have a look at our help page.

How To Get Simputer Software

Currently Simputer software is available by the following means:

  • download from this page.
  • We will be putting up some of the most interesting stuff on soon.
  • Get a copy from a friend.
    (Please make a donation to the Simputer Trust, if you can, to help us maintain and upgrade Simputer resources.)

Descriptions of Simputer Software Packages

The software packages are listed below and will be released as and when they get ready over the next few days (dt: May 7th 2001):

  • Tapatap is a character input interface.
  • IMLI is the prototype IML browser written in perl/Tk.
  • text-to-speech gives resources needed to set up text-to-speech synthesis in Indian languages.
  • Smartcard gives the drivers and example application for the use of smartcard on a Simputer.
  • X window gives some X windows related developments including the modified wmx window manager used on the Simputer and the patch to X needed for portrait mode 4-bit display.
  • System files has the current Linux on the Simputer, the ramdisk and the root file system as well as the boot loader for the Simputer derived from the LART project's blob.
  • Softmodem gives the binary of the softmodem used on the Simputer.
  • Linux tool Chain Cross Compiler for Strong ARM.

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